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Barcelona's finest quality models since 1993

¿Porqué nosotros?

That makes us different?


01. We understand the customer

An internal study evaluates the commercial needs of each client, adapting our proposals to the one that best meets their needs.

02. Conceptualization of the product 

A thorough briefing for each project allows us to achieve the best results. This preliminary work is essential in our conceptualization process, achieving maximum satisfaction from our valued customers. 

03. Maximum confidence

30 years of experience have made us a benchmark in the world of modeling, opening new paths that others have followed. 

04. Extreme confidentiality

The information sensitivity of the projects we work with is extreme, which is why we offer themaximum security protocols both at the personal and computer level. 

Our mockups communicate without words the prestige of your brand"

For years, we have specialized inoffer the best commercial products to projects whose project and economic dimension justify themodel makinghigh-tech with high performance. All our efforts are focused  in giving innovative and technological answers to the projects of the main actors international. 

Our "all-inclusive" service 

Over the years, we have increased ourservice offer forsatisfy all the needs of our customersderived from the manufacture of models:design, manufacturing and logistics.

mockup design

We offer the possibility oftake care of the design and modeling of the model regardless of its final manufacture.

Our expert designers will be in charge of the conceptualization and the 3D modelers will design the parts for their subsequent manufacture and assembly. 

model making

We manufacture the best models withresistant materials and high-quality paints resistant to UV light. We can realizeinfinite finishes and textures to add realism or concept to the models.

We offer the possibility of making models with interactivity either with a digital support or wireless gestures.

On-Site delivery and logistics

All our models are delivered where the customer wishes and protected by custom-made Flightcases (with or without wheels).


International shipments are made with DHL Global Services.

We also offer a logistics and custody service to ensure that upon receipt of the models (for example at a fair) they are in perfect condition.

resumen desierto
Que hacemos


Encaix CEO

"Our architectural models, the fruit of dedication and passion, transcend mere representation; in every detail the soul beats that gives life to dreams and builds inspiring realities."

Singular buildings


Our high-quality mockupsthey capture the essence unique of singular buildings. Withprecise details and aexceptional realism,  They are powerful tools for companies to promote and sell their projects. They transmit confidence, attract investors and allow a complete visualization, boosting thesuccess in the commercialization of projects architectural.



Our stadium models  are the perfect solution for clubsmuseumize your projects. With exceptional detail and realism, our models capture andconvey the uniquenessof these buildings, allowing for an impressive display that enhances the history and passion of the club.

interactive mockups

MIM - Multimedia Interactive Model

In 2004 we developed the first, most advanced version of our interactive models: the Multimedia Interactive Model.

MSM - Multi Sensory Model

In 2023 and with the aim of taking interactive models to their maximum expression, we developed the Multi Sensorial Model that integrates models perception through the senses. 



Our masterplan mockups are aessential toolfor developers to sell their projects. with incredible detail adapted to its scale, our models impressively show the vision and development potential,attracting investors and building confidence in the project.

Naval Engeneery

Our model boats and yachts areauthentic jewels that highlight the uniqueness of these boats.

Withmeticulous detail and exceptional craftsmanship, our modelscapture elegance and luxury, providing an impressive representation that lovers of the sea fall in love with.

Railway Engeneery

Our large-scale model trainssurprise by their realism, becoming aessential marketing tool at fairs that allows customers and visitors to appreciate its uniqueness and modernity of the manufacturer.  On the other hand, our small-scale model trainsthey are faithful miniature reproductions, ideal gifts to have in the office and enjoy the railway passion in a reduced space. 


Aeronautics  Engeneery

Our aircraft models stand out for theirmeticulous attention to detail, transmitting the finesse of its finishes. With exceptional accuracy and realism, these modelscapture the essence of aviation, becoming impressive pieces that delight enthusiasts and collectors.

Como lo hacemos

How do we do it?

Always innovative designs

Our projects department is in charge of the conceptualization and feasibility of the models, adapting to the briefings of each client.  

Extensive experience in 3D technologies

We have the most advanced machinery in the sector. Each model is unique and is manufactured by 3D printing, CNC milling or laser cutting. 

Craftsmanship in its purest form

The team of artisans delicately prepares each piece to ensure the highest level of detail and extreme realism. 

Constant R&D

We are constantly learning and improving. Every year many new construction materials appear with which we prototype to develop futuristic models.

Where do we do it?

Our facilities

Our model workshop is an exceptional space located in a modernist-style industrial warehouse.


Withmores of 1000m2 of surface in the heart of the city, its interior has been renovated with the same passion with which we develop our projects. Equipped withthe most modern 3D manufacturing machines, guaranteesWe show the highest quality and precision in every detail of our models.

Who do it?

Dedication. Innovation. Experience.

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals in Design and Technology combines the experience of architects, graphic designers, model makers, model makers, renderers, industrial painters and even jewelers.This diversity guarantees a comprehensive and enriching perspective in each project, offering quality results, precision and aesthetic beauty in every detail.

Asientos del estadio de hormigón

Would you like to join our team?

We are interested in your application

If you consider yourself a creative, versatile and rigorous person, go ahead and contact us. We are always open to hiring new professionals who want to participate in large projects. 

Thank you. We will be in contact soon.

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